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Trade Various Instruments With Powerful Tools

We have made it easy to access many different markets and instruments. Our tools and services allow our users to trade the markets seamlessly from a single platform. Our clients benefit from high speed executions, transparent prices, security and unparalleled customer support.

Our Trading Instruments

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Trade over 60 selected Crypto pairs for greater ease. Trade at lightning fast execution speeds and start your Crypto journey today.


Being the most popular trading instrument, it is not one to be missed. Take advantage of our selected FX pairs and trade EUR/USD GB/EUR and so many more.


Commodities are perfect for diversifying your trading portfolio. Speculate global prices on the markets for goods such as sugar, energy, oil, coffee and more.


Own a part of a global company by purchasing shares in it. Predict how the company will perform economically and trade your shares.


Predict rising and falling prices and trade indices for longer exposure to more profitable opportunities. A great option for day traders.

Precious Metals

Begin trading precious metals such as gold, silver and more, or invest in them for possible security.

Trading Tools

Economic Calendar

Gain powerful insight into the markets with the economic caledar.


The most trusted and popular trading tool, offering security, lightning fast executions and access to various markets. Available for both iOS and Android.

Market News

Stay up to date with market news and observe what events affect the markets.

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